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Students Enrolling Into Top Universities in Fall 2014

Another great year! Our student clients will be attending the following universities in Fall 2014:

- Brown University


- Santa Clara University (2 students)


- UC Santa Barbara

- Texas Christian University (TCU)

- Seattle University

- California Lutheran University

- Creighton University


SAT and ACT Registration – Fall 2013

With the fall semester approaching, rising high school seniors should be planning to re-take the SAT and/or ACT to improve their scores. If this is the case, be sure to register for tests by the respective registration deadlines.

If you plan to take ACT and/or SAT this fall semester, it is recommended to register and take tests as follows:

●          ACT –   Test date:  September 21, 2013.            Registration deadline - August 23, 2013.

●          SAT –   Test date:  October 5, 2013.                   Registration deadline - September 6, 2013

●          SAT Subject Tests –     Test date:  November 2, 2013.  Registration deadline - October 3, 2013.

For most colleges, the last dates in which test scores will be considered with your application for admission are the November 2013 test dates.



Successful Summer College Campus Visits

College campus visits are best conducted during normal school days when classes are in session and the campus is full of student activities. However, visiting colleges during summer months does provide significant benefits to families because students and parents are able to see college campus settings and the areas surrounding each campus, students have the opportunity to interview with admission officers, parents can attend information settings, and families can get an overall impression of a variety of college campuses.
There are two types of campus visits: Informal campus visits and formal campus visits. Informal campus visits involve wandering around a college campus on your own when students and parents drop by for a casual walk-around. There also are formal campus visits, which include guided campus tours, interviews, information sessions, and much more.
Both types of campus visits require families plan their travel. Students and parents should discuss the number of schools they wish to see during one trip; evaluate the location and distances between schools and plan a route that will allow visits to two campuses located near one another on the same day. If schools are located within a 2-hour drive to one another (or less), families should be able to visit two colleges in a single-day trip. It’s a good idea to visit no more that five schools in three days.

U.S. Passports – A Necessity for College Students Studying Abroad AND Their Parents

This summer is a good time for rising college freshmen and their parents to apply for U.S. passports. Most first-time college students will study abroad for one or two semesters/quarters during their sophomore or junior years and passports will be required for these students. Equally important, parents must have current passports in case their son or daughter is injured or becomes ill while studying abroad and parents need to make an emergency trip to a foreign country. It is very important for each parent to have their own passport.
This summer is a convenient time for both students and parents to apply for passports together. This way when the student travels to study abroad in one or two years, the requirement of having current passports will not be a problem. Passports are good for 10 years from the date of issue.
To obtain a passport for the first time, you need to go in-person to a local passport facility and bring the required photographs and documentation. To view the guidelines and requirements for getting a new passport, please visit “First Time Applicants.

To find the nearest facility issuing passports, go to the Passport Acceptance Facility Search Page.
Passport processing times for routine service is 4-to-6 weeks.

Passport costs for first-time applicants is $165 (application fee of $140 for a passport book and card plus an execution fee of $25).

The World’s Coolest University Dorm

This place puts all other dorms to shame. Tietgen Student Hall is a large circular dormitory with a massive interior courtyard in Copenhagen, Denmark.

(Source: BuzzFeed)


Americans Would Rather Save for Vacation Than Kids’ College

Despite the economic slowdown, more Americans are saving up for a new car or big vacation than putting money away for their kids’ college education, according to a survey released this week by America’s financial planners.



Private College Can be the Cheaper Option

"To reduce possible student loan debt, you might think the best choice is to go to the college with the cheapest sticker price, namely a state school or community college. I would encourage you to dig a little deeper. For example, thanks to the support of dedicated donors, many private colleges and universities can offer institutional aid to reduce the cost of your education, bringing the cost of a private education equal to or less than that of a public institution."



The Top Majors For The Class of 2022 recently published an article on the best college majors for students in the class of 2022. These majors include:



Agricultural Engineering

Hospitality Management

Health and Biotechnology

Pre-Law, with a focus on Elder Law

Quantum Engineering

3-D Printing Design

Liberal Arts

Aerospace Engineering