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MyCollegeCalendar Daily Feature: Send Your Résumé To College Representatives

College-bound students who have submitted their application for admission should send a cover letter and a copy of their résumé to college representatives. Sending a letter and student résumé to college representatives will make an excellent impression and may prompt them to contact the admissions office on behalf of the student. provides an example admission advocate cover letter.


The Good News You Never Hear keeps you informed with the latest available information. The 2008 State of College Admission Report recently released by the National Association of College Admission Counselors reveals acceptance rates are relatively attractive at the vast majority of four-year colleges and universities.


The Top Factors Considered For College Admission

Tomorrow the National Association of College Admission Counselors will release their findings from the most recent report on the state of college admissions. One interesting aspect of the 2008 Report is the top factors college admission officers evaluate when considering students for admission remain unchanged.


Follow Anna Through The College Admission Process follows a fictional high school senior who successfully navigates the entire college application and financial aid process. All college-bound students and parents can follow along using the example documents provided.


The Best Web Sites For Students - The Modesto Bee

On October 1, 2009, the Modesto Bee (Modesto, California) listed as one of the “best web sites for students.”

The story reports, “ - This site has everything you need to know about the college application process all in one place. Learn when and how to file applications, how to write essays and where to get financial aid and scholarships.”


MyCollegeCalendar Daily Feature: How To Find Your High School CEEB Number Online

College-bound students must have their high school CEEB number to register for standardized tests (SAT® and ACT®) and to complete college applications. provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to find high school CEEB numbers online 24/7.


Downloads! Download! Downloads! has a new Downloads Page filled with invaluable “How-To” process flowcharts, PowerPoint presentations, summary tables, example documents and much more. Whether you are a student, parent or educator, you should check out the Downloads Page for the information you need to achieve success with the college admission and financial aid processes.


Helpful Application Checklist For Posting At Home provides an easy to use, generic checklist of college application tasks. This one-page checklist is designed to be printed and posted in a conspicuous location in students’ home for easy tracking of their progress with the college application and financial aid processes.


Fill Out Paper Applications First!

Students can best prepare for submitting college applications by first printing paper copies of applications (and application supplements) and filling them out by hand. Having paper applications filled out before going online to apply to colleges allows students to simply enter hand-written information into spaces provided in online applications. Completing paper applications first will result in hours of time being saved and errors being reduced. gives numerous helpful tips to make the application process more efficient and easier.


How To Get Started With All Aspects Of College Admission

When you’re ready to start a new phase of the college admissions process, whether it be trying to understand college application requirements or beginning to search and apply for financial aid, “Get Started” pages provide the instructions and advice you need. provides “Get Started” pages on:

- Admissions and applications;

- searching and applying for scholarships, grants, and loans;

- selecting college majors;

- searching for colleges;

- campus visits;

- admission interviews;

- essay writing;

- and much more.